So these have actually been around for a little while but they’re new for Victrola.  It’s a steam tip designed with finer holes.  There sometimes referred to as ‘macchiato steam tips’.  So what does that do you ask?  Well, these tips produce smaller streams of steam, which create even smaller micro-bubbles in the foam.  This means foam that’s more velvety and dense.  We’ve always prided ourselves on excellent milk texture but the improvement this new tip made over the old one was stunning!  It also affects the taste of the milk.   During all steaming the surface tension of milk is reduced as some of it’s compenants break down,  this means it spreads over surfaces more easily.  Thats why cold milk forms droplets but hot milk splatters and spreads over a surface.  This directly affects taste because steamed milk spreads over the tongue very well so all those little taste buds can pick up subtle flavors more readily.  Since this steam tip produces a much finer foam, it increases this affect so you can detect even more of that subtle sweetness of the milk!  So get ready for some amazing milk drinks!